What Others Have to Say...


"...it felt safe to be honest..."

"Juliet has been a true gift and a blessing! I sought her out at one of the lowest times in my life. Her gentle but steady counseling empowered me to hold my pain and brokenness out in front of me; it felt safe to be honest and begin a true journey of growth and healing." - R.A.

"An amazing therapist... quickly get to the heart of an issue..."

"Juliet is an amazing therapist who has the ability to quickly get to the heart of an issue and help her clients identify solutions. Her compassionate, direct communication style makes her an ideal clinician for those who want lasting, rapid results." - S.K.

"I noticed that she was sincerely interested in me, my family and my story...."

"I met Juliet in the Fall of 2009. I was going through a divorce and it was a rough time in my life. I was now a single mom raising my nine year old son. The first thing I remember about Juliet is how people were drawn to her. I noticed that she was sincerely interested in me, my family and my story. I was amazed at how she remembered the names of all my brothers and sisters and their spouses and important facts about them. She had a sincere interest in me. She is kind, honest and easy going. I know to this day, now four and a half years later, that God put Juliet in my life. I have never met anyone like her." - D.N.

"She takes the time to listen and responds with great sincerity and understanding..." 

"I have known Juliet West for over four years. She is one of the nicest people I have ever known! She is a "people person," one who loves people and makes you feel so good! She takes time to listen and responds with great sincerity and understanding." - M.L.

"...It's been years since we felt so in-love!"

"My husband and I went to see Mrs. West at a time when we were strongly considering divorce. Her gentle, affirming, non-judgmental approach modeled for us how to treat each other. She taught us ways to meet each other's love needs and believe the best about each other. It's been years since we felt so in-love!" - P.T.

"You made me feel understood..."

"I can't thank you enough for helping me get clear on which direction to take! You made me feel understood, reminded me of my goals and strengths and inspired me to be the person that God created me to be. I left your office feeling so empowered!" - S.B.

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"Life is a journey, not a destination."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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"And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of these is LOVE." 

-- 1 Corinthians 13:13