Christian Counseling - Austin, TX

Is This Your Life?

Have you ever felt like God is nowhere to be found? Like you're so far from Him? That He's unconcerned about your life? Have you ever felt that your Christian faith has not helped you in overcoming your challenges? You've tried everything and still you're in the same place, experiencing the same problems, hurts, struggles day in, day out. "Is this how it's going to be until Heaven?" You wonder. Suffering for Christ? Taking up your cross every day? Do you find yourself praying for the Rapture more often than not? Have you even thought of suicide? Ending it all, so the pain will finally go away?

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There's Hope

The good news is that God wants us healed and whole. As believers in Jesus Christ, we already have His power inside of us to meet every need and heal every hurt. So what's the problem? We're so torn up inside with all our stuff that we just don't know how to find Him in the fog. Yet, He came to give us LIFE, exquisite, extravagant life, RIGHT HERE on earth, not just Heaven. But people struggle because they have a great deal of head knowledge, but little heart knowledge. Christianity isn't about intellectualism. It's about being connected to His supernatural life source inside us.

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Why Christian Counseling?

My goal as a Christian Counselor is to get permanent resolution to your root issues, so you can connect directly to Christ, your power source. If you're struggling, I can assist you in getting back into a right relationship with Him by helping you discover the obstacles to your growth, clearing the conflicts, confusion and pain that cloud your ability to see and hear Him, then showing you how to connect with Jesus, so your dependence will be on Him and not on me. You'll be able to experience the true and transformational love, joy, peace and power that He came to give you!

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