There Is Hope

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How Does Counseling Help?

A trained professional counselor is able to help clients process thoughts and feelings that lead to changes in behavior and thereby, changes in their lives. Through active listening, empathy and the use of various therapy methods, Juliet guides her clients to taking the necessary steps toward healing. Of course, counseling does not fix problems overnight, but with understanding and direction from a licensed therapist, changes can take place, often after a few sessions. 

What If My Spouse Does Not Attend?

You will be surprised to know that even if only one spouse attends marital counseling and makes positive changes in their attitudes and behaviors, the relationship can dramatically improve. As in Systems Theory, it only takes one change to transform the whole system.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easier than you think. Juliet West offers a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation for you to share your story, and get to know her and how she works.

Reach out today by calling 512-746-7453 or Click Here to schedule your consultation online.

Take the first step towards getting the help you need to make your life the best it can be.