Wisdom of a Child - Part 1

Children with hands folded prayer

Our eleven year old daughter, Jo got an Instagram account without our permission, and received the harshest consequence – her smart phone was taken away. As a result, she was “forced” to engage in “old fashioned” pastimes – reading, coloring, visiting friends, and thinking.

One of the most amazing blessings, however, came to light last week when I picked her up from a sleepover with her dear friend, Caitlyn. It was on the car ride home that Jo informed me that since losing her cell phone, she had been very lonely and had started talking to God more. Was I hearing her correctly? She continued to tell me how much she was enjoying her new “hobby” and realized that the more she talked to Him, the more He actually spoke back to her!

I practically pulled over to the side of the road and wept for joy as I listened to this precious story. You see, I’d been praying for months that both of my children would learn how to pray without ceasing/Abide in Christ/Walk in the Spirit. Our recent family Bible study was based on the book, “Practicing the Presence of God,” by Brother Lawrence. And in it, Brother Lawrence spoke about experiencing God’s presence in tangible ways by talking to Him all the time and bringing Him into all our tasks.

The fact that God had used a pre-teen’s confiscated cell phone to answer a mother’s heartfelt prayer was nothing short of miraculous – and proof that He really is able work ALL things together for the good of those who love Him!